Alert drivers with magnetic student driver signs.

want Less stress while teaching your teen to drive?

If you’re teaching your teen to drive you know there’s a lot of tension for both you and your teenager. And thats under ideal learning and road conditions. You and your teen driver don't need the added stress that your bound to feel when unknowing impatient drivers speed pass you shouting rude comments. But how can you help prevent it?

the problem

Frustrated, unaware drivers

It’s common to have drivers honk horns, race pass you and spew-out obscenities while your nervous teen tries his/her best to learn to drive your car. It’s an unpleasant dangerous driving experience for you, your teen and the other drivers. The problem is that these frustrated drivers don’t know your teen is a "student driver". It doesn't have to be this way

the solution

Make drivers aware

Driver training schools know how important it is to have “Student Driver" clearly displayed on their cars. Because of this simple ”warning”, surrounding drivers are made aware of the new driver and most will be patient, polite and more cautious toward them. Why not give your teen the same advantage by using magnetic student driver signs on your car? 


What parent doesn't want their teenager to have less stressful and safer driving lessons? Give your teen (and yourself) better driving sessions by using magnetic student driver signs. The signs are affordable and easy to use!


buying student driver signs?

Three Things to Consider


grab attention!

The purpose of the sign is to easily alert drivers. Yellow and black colors do this effectively (think school buses, traffic signs, etc). 



A short familiar message will help alert drivers quickly. “Student Driver” is a clear message that most people know and understand.


stays on

You don’t want your sign to fly off! Magnetic signs vary in thickness. A higher quality thicker magnet will adhere to car surfaces better.


our magnetic signs


COLOR Our signs have a yellow background with black text. That’s because drivers recognize these colors as a warning. MESSAGE Our message is, "Student Driver", to keep it simple and effective. Shape The shape of our signs have rounded corners to help prevent the wind from lifting and causing the sign to fly off the vehicle. Thickness These student driver signs are made from a 30 mil thick magnet that is durable and adheres to metal surfaces well. Size The signs measure 12” X 3”, a standard bumper sticker size.


easy to use

Because they're magnetic, you simply place them on the back (not on plastic bumpers) and sides of your vehicle before you begin your teen's driving session. The signs are easy to put on and take off. They are durable and can be used over and over again.



The cost of our student driver signs truly is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you’ll receive as you teach your child to drive. One sign is Only $6.99. Get a set of three for $17.99 and save about 15%.

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